Media Trimmers

Meteor Metoschnitt Trimmers - Manual

Trim Inkjet, E-Stat, Photographic Materials, Laminates and Banner Vinyl. Metoschnitt Meteor Trimmers are ideal for large formated pepers, foils and carton. Sharp, fast and economical.

Features Ergonomic Cutting Head:
Fits the palm of your hand so it can be guided easily and efficiently. The weighted head allows for smooth operation.
Flip-up Cutting Head:
With the press of a button for fast, easy cleaning.
Bi-Directional Cutting:
The trimmer head cuts equally well from either direction.
Self-Sharpening Rotary Blade:
Keeps the cutter razor sharp at all times.

MODEL 59 63
MAXIMUM CUT: 59" 63"
LENGTH: 69" 73"
WIDTH: 18" 18"
HEIGHT: 39" 39"

Trim Inkjet, E-Stat, Photographic Materials, Laminates and Banner Vinyl.


Stand with Catch Bag: The sturdy steel stand supports the vinyl catch bag.
Roll Feed Assembly: Allows easy trimming of rolled media and accepts 1.5" to 3" diameter cores.
Guide Bar: The adjustable ruler and paper guide allows trimming of smaller media sizes.
Fluorescent Backlight: For easier alignment.

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RotaTrim Professional 'M' Series

With its complete line of rotary trimmers, RotaTrim has earned an international reputation for the highest standards of design and manufacturing.  Durable, versatile, precise, and above all safe, RotaTrim Trimmers are able to handle an extremely wide range of materials without adjustment: from the most delicate slivers of tissue to artboard, vinyl, and aluminum shim stock.

The Professional 'M' series trimmers are engineered and manufactured for performance and long-lasting service.  Available in eight sizes to accomodate cut lengths ranging from 12" to 54", these unique trimmers are ideal for art studios, drafting rooms, darkrooms and workshops.  Most importantly, since there is no way for fingers to make contact with the cutting blade, the 'M' series is the first choice for unsupervised use in schools.

  • Fully enclosed, self-sharpening tungsten steel cutting wheel
  • Extra rigid twin guide rails and nylon bearings for low-friction, noiseless operation
  • Grey melamine, warp-proof baseboard 7/8" thick x 12" wide
  • Transparent plastic clampstrip holds material firmly in place and allows for viewing exact cutting alignment
  • Aluminum squaring arm calibrated in both inch and metric
  • Adjustable cursor for repeat cutting supplied with each model
  • Cast metal head and end supports
  • Bi-directional cutting capability is standard for M12T, M15T, and M17T.  A control plate on larger models, designed to prevent damage from accidental overload, can be removed for bi-directional cutting of thin materials
  • Designed for easy maintenance and a lifetime of trouble-free operation -- built to last
  • Wider range of accessories available








 M12T 12" 1/8" 18.5" 15" 4" 12 lbs.
 M15T 15" 1/8" 21.5" 15" 4" 13 lbs.
 M17T 17.5" 1/8" 24" 15" 4" 14 lbs.
 M24T 24" 1/8" 30.5" 15" 4" 17 lbs.
 M30T 30" 1/8" 36.5" 15" 4" 21 lbs.
 M36T 36" 3/32" 42.5" 15" 4" 23 lbs.
 M42T 42" 1/16" 48.5" 15" 4" 26 lbs.
 M54T 54" 1/16" 60.5" 15" 4" 32 lbs.



KeenCut Javelin - Large format cutter

The Javelin is an ingeneous cutting solution which offers a standard of straight, square and clean cutting that is impossible to achieve with a craft knife and straight edge. The unique design of the Javelin enables its straightness to be factory adjusted, using laser technology, to meet with today's very high standards for accurate butt joints on sectional panels and pop-up systems.  Additional built in features of the Javelin have created an indespensable precision cutter that is safe for both products and people.

Using the Javelin alone or with the BIG Bench could not be easier, just place the cutter bar on the material to be cut, align it with the image registration or crop marks, depress the cutting head and push or pull it along to cut.  A safe and simple no-nonsense precision cutter requiring no special skills. Whether used alone as a moveable cutting bar or in conjunction with the KeenCut BIG Bench to create a superb cutting table, the Javelin is truly in a calss of its own.  A safe, simple, extreme precision cutter requiring no special skills, the Javelin was specifically designed to cut large format graphics, pop ups, signs, plastic panels and much more. 

Unparalleled Precision
Meticulously adjusted straight edge using the latest in laser technology to achieve straightness within 1mm in 10,000mm (0.01" in 100"). The Javelin is a compact, ingenious cutting solution which offers a standard of straight, square and clean cutting that is impossible to match with a craft knife and straight edge.
Easy Maintenance
Standard inexpensive blades can be changed in seconds with no tools.
Easy Storage
Two cushioned wall brackets are included with each Javelin to provide protective storage for the unit when not in use.
20 Year Guarantee on all bearings
Exhaustively tested, silent no-lube bearings guaranteed for 20 years. 

The Javelin large format cutter.
Model   Cut  Length     Javelin Length 
KeenCut 3.0        120' / 3m 124" /3.15m

KeenCut 2.5 100" / 2.5m 104.5" / 2.65m
KeenCut 2.0 80" / 2m 84.75" / 2.15m
KeenCut 1.5 60" / 1.5m 65" / 1.65m
KeenCut 1.0 40" / 1m 45.25" / 1.15m
The Big Bench:
The standard BIG benches are 91 cm [36"] wide and the correct length to suit each standard size Javelin.  Extension kits are available to increase the bench width to any dimension.

This silver anodised, extruded aluminum cutting bench will elegantly compliment any size or shape workspace.

  • The wide range of standard benches will stand alone, extend, or interconnect.
  • Installations can be reconfigured or expanded anytime to meet changing needs.
  • Cutting bench with integral Javelin cutter sizes available up to 3m (10ft).


KeenCut Excalibur 5000 Trimmer

Designed to cut all the sheet materials used in the modern picture framing industry, the Excalibur 5000 cuts vertically, providing the ultimate in space saving convenience. It cuts sheet materials easily, cleanly and accurately every time. The super-grip clamp holds even thick materials at any required angle and the clear rule along the cutting line allows easy alignment to artwork, lines or registration marks.

The ingenious, indexed turret, mounted on sliding head , simply turns to lock any one of three cutting tools in its selected operating position, quickly, with no screws to loosen or tools to find. Everything is where it is needed when it is needed. A patented, twin wheel cutter is mounted on sliding head . This easily cuts hardboard, masonite, MDF and heavy backing boards in one pass, with minimum effort, no distortion and no dust.

Excalibur 5000 will deliver accurate, fast cutting, with square, clean cuts to the correct size every time, whether for one off jobs or full production runs. Excalibur 5000 is so easy to use that even the most junior employee will master it in minutes. Wastage and errors will reduce as productivity increases, saving time and generating profit for any picture framer.

Built to last for many years in continuous service, Excalibur 5000 embodies the highest standards of engineering excellence combined with outstanding value for money.

Vertical Cutting: For the ultimate space-saving convenience.
Dual Cutting Heads: Two sliding heads on the same track ensure that both cutting tools are always in line.
Head no. 1: Tungsten carbide cutting wheel for glass or mirrors, the scoring blade for acrylics or the heavy duty cutting blade for matboard, paper, rigid PVC foam board, Gatorboard, Foamcore, vinyl, corrugated cardboard, honeycomb plastics, and cardboard.
Head no. 2: Patented, twin-wheeled, heavy duty cutter which easily cuts hardboard, masonite, MDF and heavy backing boards in one pass.
Versatile Mounting: Materials up to 14mm or 1/2" thick may be firmly clamped to allow cutting or trimming at any angle.
Adjustable Height: Lockable steel telescopic legs make the machine adjustable for ideal operating height.
 Excalibur 5000

62" / 157 cm

48" / 122 cm


72" / 184cm 72" / 184cm


96" / 250cm 82" / 208cm

Distance from wall at base:       

      12-16" / 30-40cm        12-16" / 30-40cm

Net weight:

104 lbs / 47kg 97 lbs / 44kg

Max cut length:

62" / 157cm 48" / 122cm


Neolt Rotary Trimmers

Neolt Rotary-Action Trimmers are designed for fast, accurate trimming of all types of drawing, plotter, and laminating media. Whether choosing a tabletop or floor model, manual or electric, "Trim" or "Max", you are sure to find one of these professional quality trimmers to be the perfect companion to your plotter, printer or laminator. Excellent for use in reprographic departments, copy centers and engineering offices. Outstanding for trimming laminated digital paper output in standard or large format.
Neolt "Max" trimmers are designed to cut thicker materials than the regular "Trim" series can handle. Utilizing the overall design and construction of the "Trim" series, the "Max" trimmers feature rectangular guide bars and reinforced cutting heads for strength and durability. All other features are the same.
Note: Even though the "Max" series is rated for cutting thicknesses up to 1/16", your actual results may vary depending on material hardness and density. For cutting items of greater thickness, please see the Rotatrim Technical Series.

"TRIM" Series Rotary-Action Trimmers

Neolt manual trimmers have set the standard for quality, function and value. All models feature self-sharpening cutting wheels and bi-directional cutting. The cutting head rides effortlessly on Delrin -coated roller bearings and the top-mounted swivel handle ensures operator comfort. The cutting head can be raised or lowered from any position on the bar and a unique shoulder design enables cutting of material that is longer than the trimmer itself. The transparent clampstrip holds material firmly and lifts automatically when the cutting head reaches either end. The metal baseboard is specially-coated to reduce noise level with rule tapes in inch and metric increments. Available as tabletop trimmers or with a sturdy steel stand and wastecatcher.
Note: The "Trim" series is designed for single-sheet trimming.

Trimmer w/ base & wastecatcher Trimmer Only Cut Length Max Thickness L W


 TRIM100B TRIM100 39" 1/32" 49" 16" 34"
 TRIM130B TRIM130 51" 1/32" 61" 16" 34"
 TRIM150B TRIM150 59" 1/32" 69" 16" 34"
 TRIM200B TRIM200 79" 1/32" 88" 16" 34"
 TRIM250B TRIM250 98" 1/32" 108" 16" 34"
 MAX130   51" 1/16" 61" 16" 34"
 MAX150   59" 1/16" 69" 16" 34"
 MAX200   79" 1/16" 88" 16" 34"
"ELECTRO TRIM" Series Rotary-Action Trimmers

Neolt Electric trimmers combine the outstanding qualities of the manual trimmers with a dependable electric drive. Designed for high volume use and operator comfort, these electric trimmers come complete with floor stand, wastecatcher and under-mounted fluorescent lamp for illuminating the cutting edge. Bi-directional cut is easily activated by depressing either the foot pedal or the switch bar which runs the length of the trimmer. The cutting head is protected by a transparent plexiglass screen and the head speed is approximately 40" per second.

Trimmer w/ base & wastecatcher Cut Length Max Thickness L W H
 TRIM100BE 39" 1/32" 58" 17" 34"
 TRIM130BE 51" 1/32" 70" 17" 34"
 TRIM150BE 59" 1/32" 78" 17" 34"
 TRIM200BE 79" 1/32" 97" 17" 34"
 TRIM250BE 98" 1/32" 117" 17" 34"
 MAX130EL 51" 1/16" 61" 17" 34"
 MAX150EL 59" 1/16" 69" 17" 34"
 MAX200EL 79" 1/16" 88" 17" 34"
 MAX250EL 98" 3/64" 117" 17" 34"
 MAX300EL 118" 3/64" 137" 17" 34"


Neolt Foam Trimmers

Neolt Foam Trimmers are available in a wide variety of sizes and models to satisfy the needs of many users. Whether choosing a tabletop or floor model, manual or electric, these professional-quality trimmers feature all-metal, solid construction for years of continuous use. The straight blade design cuts cleanly through foam board products of various thickness without crushing or tearing. The head rides on smooth-action roller bearings and includes a mechanism to lock it in place as well as a comfortable pull handle for ease of use. Each Foam trimmer comes with a set of 5 straight blades and is covered by a 1 year warranty.

"LIGHT FOAM" Series Foam Trimmers

The Light Foam series of straight blade trimmers has a maximum cutting thickness of 9/16" and is available in 3 cut lengths ranging from 30" to 49". They come complete with a pair of end-mounted cutting guides.  Can be used as tabletop trimmers or can be placed on optional floor stand.




 Length   Width 


 LTFOAM75 30" 9/16" 49" 16" 34"
 LTFOAM105 41" 9/16" 61" 16" 34"
 LTFOAM125    49" 9/16" 69" 16" 34"
"FOAM TRIM" Series Foam Trimmers

The Foam Trim series is capable of cutting foam up to a maximum of 1 1/8" thick and is available in cut lengths of 49" and 63". These trimmers can be used as tabletop trimmers or placed on optional floor stand. Heavy-duty clamping bars are optional to hold foam board firmly in place.


 Model Cut
 Length   Width   Height 
 FOAM125 49" 1 1/8" 65" 23" 36"
FOAM160 63" 1 1/8" 79" 23" 36"

Available as manually-operated or electrically-powered, these trimmers come complete with tubular steel floor stand, a pair of end mounted material support guides (wings) and a heavy-duty clamping bar.  Optional left and right extensions are avalable for those who require additional support for large foam boards.

 Model Cut Length Max Thickness Length Width Height
 VFOAM125 49" 1 1/8" 65" 61" 76"
 VFOAM160 63" 1 1/8" 79" 61" 90"
 ELFOAM160 63" 1 1/8" 85" 61" 90"
 ELFOAM250 98" 1 1/8" 120" 61" 124"
 ELFOAM310 122" 1 1/8" 144" 61" 148"

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